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Saara Lilja, CEO, teacher, lecturer, artist, specialist in the changing climate and maintaining biodiversity. (PhD. in Forestry, MSc. in Biology)

How can we build a more responsible future today?

The climate is changing faster than expected and biodiversity is diminishing. We need more and more cooperation between research and operators so that responsible practices are strengthened in our society. Strengthening responsibility competence in all organizations means linking climate change mitigation, adaptation to change and appreciation of biodiversity structures.

I have a lot of experience in building a society of sustainable development, both in administration and in the field of research, education and development. Emergenssi Ltd. was founded to better connect the means of combating climate change with actions that protect biodiversity as an aspect of corporate responsibility. I my view, the transition to sustainability can be enhanced by introducing nature-based solutions. Nature-based solutions include lake and forest restoration. This may include nurturing old trees, both in cities and in the countryside. It is also possible to build solutions connecting science and art, and thus develop a deeper understanding of responsibility.

Examples of our current activities in global collaboration


Developing Shared Arctic Variables against wildfires (2022-2023)

Read more: https://arcticgeoss.org/2023/03/21/wildfire-theme-shared-arctic-variables-march-2023-finnish-sav-workhop/


In the sustainability it is essential to combine ecological aspects to social and economic

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Talk on 25 th of May 2023 in Helsinki University sustainability week

Abstract/ Read more:

Art moments and wellbeing: Photographs as nature-based solutions to empower people to grow towards full humanness and enhance community resilience.

Saara Lilja & Arto O. Salonen

Emergenssi Ltd. & University of Eastern Finland

Human-induced climate change and biodiversity loss are significant threats to life on Earth. Empowering citizens' change-making potential is needed to enhance community resilience. At the beginning of 2023, we established four Art Moments "You're already there!" in Tikkurila Church, based on the photo exhibition "Secrets of Interiors". The Art Moments were experimental piloting to nudge sustainable culture for the community to enhance environmental awareness and empower people to change their everyday lives and grow towards full humanness. We applied storytelling methods in which the art and facts meet within the dialog. Complex planetary phenomena were concretized in pictures that can be described as nature-based solutions (NbS). They demonstrated the web of life and living systems as planetary phenomena in which human and non-human life are intertwined. In the photographs, the Lobelia dormanna – a plant in the lake was an example of hope. The storytelling linked it to the lake restoration management history. The second example was a photo of Finnish corals emphasizing the importance of epiphytes on the living old trees for biodiversity. In the Art moments, the participants had a unique opportunity to develop and experience Inner Development Goals (IDG) skills in practice. These skills include, for example, openness and the ability to learn, the ability to examine perspectives, appreciation, cohesion, courage, creativity, and optimism.
Keywords: Wellbeing, Awareness, Resilience, Inner Development Goals, Storytelling, Science-Art interaction

Science- Art interaction:

Collaboration with climate education in Melbu, Norway June 2023



Lilja, S. 2023. Human factor for ignitions and managing nature. Preparedness against wildfires SAV- shared arctic variables workshop. Finnish Meteorological institute. Helsinki 20.4.2023.

Lilja, S. 2023. Restoration and Climate Change. FOR-226 – Restoration of Degraded Ecosystems: Theory and Application 2023 course. Viikki, University of Helsinki. 24.3.2023.

Lilja, S. 2022. How business/marketing influences society and is influenced by society coupled with United Nations Development goals. Sustainable marketing-course Hanken 15.11.2022.

Lilja, S. 2022. UN's Sustainable Development Goals and Digitalization -lecture. Course Structure of Fundamentals of sustainable digitalization – introduction to regulation, analytics and security, University of Vaasa, School of Accounting and Finance, Business Law. 27.10.2022

Lilja, S. 2022. The concept of the Nature-based solutions in the different scales to enhance resilience and climate change adaptation by the Baltic Sea Environmental change, agency and knowledge of the sea- workshops. Academy of Finland SeaHer-project finalseminar. Living with the Baltic Sea in a changing climate: Environmental heritage and the circulation of knowledge Åbo Academy, Turku 17.8.2022.

Background examples:

2022: The role of regions and impactful climate actions in achieving a carbon-neutral Finland. Reports of the Finnish Environment Institute 11en/2022.


2021. Control means of adaptation to climate change, costs and territorial dimensions. Abstract in English.


2019: IPCC report: Urgent action already needed to adapt to climate change


2018: Timanttiteko award for 2018 granted to National Climate Change Adaptation Plan implementation group

https://intermin.fi/en/-/1410837/vuoden-2018-timanttiteko-palkinto-kansallisen- ilmastonmuutokseen-sopeutumissuunnitelman-toimeenpanolle

2017: Tools for urban climate adaptation


2006: Ecological restoration of forests in Fennoscandia: defining reference stand structures and immediate effects of restoration



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